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I'm building this website in remembrance of my Grandmother who slipped away quietly on November 9th 2016. I never knew my Grandmother so I’m learning all about her incredible life from a tea chest full of stuff she left me. Her name was Hamble Thricebourne and she was a witch, holding high rank on some supreme council. I understand next to nothing about witchcraft…


I’m hoping I don’t discover she was a Satanist.

My reference for the content of this website is her journals and a terabyte hard drive of images. I also have a couple of boxes of photographic prints from the 1960s onwards. It will take some time to correlate the journal with the dates of the photographs. The chest came with this letter:


Dearest Willow,


Your mother has kept you away from me for the sake of her own conviction, which I respect. Indeed my Last Will and Testament dictates you will only read this if she allows it. I was given the name ‘Sweet Hamble’ by a council of peers whose collective name should remain unknown forever. I became a witness for all that is in 1966, from whence my life changed immeasurably. This is an introduction to my achievements.


Spiritual Mediumship is the communication between this Earth and a world we can’t see in the form of Clairvoyance (psychic sight), Clairaudience (psychic hearing), Clairsentience (psychic feeling), Clairgustance (psychic taste), Clairalience (psychic smell) and finally Claircognisance (psychic intuition). Most Spiritual Mediumship is performed primarily through Clairaudience and Clairvoyance. 


I am one of only 2 known Clairsavants to have ever lived. You will not be familiar with this term as it is only ever uttered among the top echelon of the craft. Most Mediums, Psychics, Witches or Warlocks will deny ever hearing of such a thing. You will be accused of lying should you speak of it. This is the only secret I would risk to share: 

Clairsavant - the mastery of all forms of spiritual mediumship in confluence with knowledge of that which is removed in space or time from human ken. Distinct from Claircognisance (The ability to ‘know’ information) in that it is All Seeing Wisdom.


In short the Clairsavant is a person endowed with special graces of discernment. 

Like me; a witness for all that is. 


Physical Mediumship involves the Medium and Spirit working together to produce a physical phenomenon. This includes table tipping, noise making, spirit photography, the creation of ectoplasm and in recent years Electronic Voice Phenomena. 


My physical mediumship works through various devices for recording sight and sound, I began with black & white film photography. A reel to reel tape. Moving on with technology and my success affording me colour photography, dictaphones and eventually embracing digital technology. 


I leave you this chest of my records for the sake of your elucidation. I hope it will introduce you to the truth about the full extent of our magick universe and to highlight the benefits of the absolute mastery of the laws of physics. (Not at all fixed in our universe) 


Everything is in that tea chest. Take your time. We will meet in the next world. 


All my love and protection, 

Sweet Hamble Thricebourne 


I have taken the time to research the word origin for my own satisfaction and for proof of her words before I dedicate any precious time to her fancy:


Word Origin for Clairsavant

C19: from French: clear-seeing, from clair clear, from Latin clārus + savant, C18: from French, from savoir to know, from Latin sapere to be wise; see sapient


So, according to Mother, Hamble became ‘different’ after the death of her 8th child. Soon after her hair turned ice white giving her an appearance older than her years. She received Poppet as a gift from one of her oldest friends. Poppet is large doll of rather unnerving appearance. (Seated on her lap in the photo) 


Although outwardly devoted to God, Hamble was adamant that organised religion is Lucifer’s trick. She often repeated the phrase “REMEMBER; the Church, Mosque and Synagogue are brushstrokes in Satan's Masterpiece.” There is one book dedicated to her theology which I will explore and share in due course. I have had enough time to scan the whole corpus but not study or comprehend any of it yet. Areas of special interest that I have noted so far include:


  • On the digital hard drive there is a folder called: The Afterlife Flowers.

  • A chapter in the earliest journal entitled: That old picture of Willow from before she was born and the true story of her death
       - I may never read this.

  • A notebook dedicated to Science, subtitled “the physicists stand on the shores of the cosmos and seek to hinder God”. One chapter of which is headed: AI and the pit. It seems to be prophetic warning. Hamble was not behind the door when it came to science and technology and seems to compare the resulting environment of Artificial Intelligence with Abaddon’s Pit. I’m inclined to agree with this, but I’m yet to study the chapter in full.

  • There are loose sheets of paper stapled at the corner dedicated entirely to a weekend in a ‘haunted’ house. There are photographs dated to the same weekend.


I have begun publishing from the most recent entries of her journals. I’m starting at the end as it’s most accessible, both physically and intellectually. My first posts will be the Fairy photographs as I believe them to be a soft opening to the whole affair. All these images were taken between 2011 and 2016 with a Sony Xperia.


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