The first ever photograph of a REAL Fairy


or Leprechaun, Pixie, Imp, The Little People, The Good Folk, the Fae..?

Forget the Cottingley Fairies or numberless CGI videos on YouTube. This is the real deal. My Grandmother labeled this “The Staffordshire Imp” in her journals. I believe it's a genuine photo of a real fairy.

(I am legally obliged by the pedantic killjoys to point out that when I say “real” fairy, it may or may not mean “scientific” fairy. - Lawyers) 


Here is the first of 2 photographs I have identified so far. This is Ettle. 

This image was captured in the early English Autumn. Ettle lives in a so-called “Faerie Fort” in a place called Lud’s Church on the Staffordshire border very near the Three Shires Head. The Fae occupy a land neither here nor there, so seeing their true abode is not at all possible without certain powers of discernment. 

From the journals:


I met Ettle and her father in the wet September of 2012. After a brief but heavy shower the sun appeared and brought with it a beautiful double rainbow. And so after careful petition Ettle and Grunple revealed themselves from the rocks. Bathed in a natural green glimmer visually analogous to the Auroras and surrounded by trembling pinpricks of light. I have never seen a sight more wholesome or appealing. 


As I approached I could see behind them and through the rocks a throng of THEM engaged in a zealous dance of delirium. Imagine a cross between an Irish Jig and American Line Dancing danced with the commitment of an ecstatic seizure. The intoxicating warmth of distant fiddle sounds caressed my aural senses like a sexual desire. I was careful to avoid the come-hither so obviously being solicited. Their dance is incessant and once begun could never end. An unceasing convulsion of hysterical merriment that is pure joy to the Fae, but excruciating and lethal to mortal men. 



Elsewhere in this chapter she describes how she made a bargain with the Queen of the Fae which allowed her to resist their enchantment in return for an undisclosed favour. There are descriptions of the fairy realm, suggesting she has been over and returned. I have seen pictures that look otherworldly, so they may be photos of the fairy realm… That’s for future reading. She goes on to describe their language: they speak fluent languages of Earth, particularly English, Gaelic, German and Spanish, but they communicate with each other in an other-worldly brogue which sounds more akin to the chattering of mongoose. What follows is nothing short of a horror story.

Some children and young adults have found this content unsettling.

Although there is nothing explicit or 'adult' in nature, it is recommended for the mature reader. I have made this website MEMBERS ONLY in order that you cannot see this by accident, only deliberately and voluntarily.


Come inside now and see REAL PHOTOS of the cruel and beautiful world of the Fae.

The Imp.

The Little people...


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