I have in my possession the most exciting description of paranormal encounters ever expressed… Let me explain:

My Grandmother slipped away quietly on November 9th 2016.

I never knew my Grandmother so I’m learning all about her incredible life from a tea chest of paraphernalia I inherited.

The chest contains her journals and a terabyte hard drive of images. I also have a couple of boxes of photographic prints from the 1960s onwards. Along with some items I cannot identify, bottles, jars. Some cassette tapes. And her doll; Dear Poppet. I hate the doll.


UPDATE: I have recently welcomed a great many new site members. I do appreciate your curiosity, but let me clarify; I have a full time day job and a worsening neurological condition. I have to sort through the journals at a pace dictated by my commitments and physical ability. After recent errors on my part in uploading incorrect information, I have resolved to complete my studies of the entire oeuvre before my next update. That way you can be sure the information is as accurate as can be expected. 



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